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Established in 2018, with a focus on reliability, dependability and customer service, PnE Technologies is one of the most experienced and long standing names in this relatively new industry in the region. Over the years we have developed a business process and company culture where customer care and satisfaction is considered as top priority. Providing top of the line quality products and services by consistently applying advancement in technology. At PnE, our primary focus is on reliability. We have built our credibility around our tagline “Services That Need”. We do not only install smart solution but make sure that it keeps working optimally. Each member of our team works tirelessly to achieve that goal. We value the relationship with our customers as our business asset and believe that our customers deserve only the best available solutions that allow them to live peacefully without any worries of expensive repairs or maintenance. We have set a very high benchmark for ourselves to meet the standards to be a customer oriented company.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make clean energy universally available through intelligent smart solution (Solar) and to enable Digital Marketing technology enablement and transformation in Information and Communication Technology, and to design, developing, and implementing methodologies professionally for the use of industries to help them operate more competitively through effective acquisitions, integrations and up gradation of their enterprise knowledge. 


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